Join a volunteer team

There are many dedicated volunteer groups in Frikirken International Church. Moreover, there is also room for you to join in a group with your talent and ability. Our congregation is made up of many different people with different background and interest, each with their various skills/ talents/ gifts and it is always enriching when these skills and abilities express itself. What is common for every single volunteer is the desire to see the church grow by sharing their life and caring for people around them. It is the voluntary contribution of many that help create the culture of the church we all desire. Participating as a volunteer is a good way to know people and be known by others in the church and also gives you a sense of belonging to the church.

We encourage people to use their abilities, gift and talents in serving God and others in the church and around them. There are different ministries and areas you can be involved.

Let us know if you are interested in joining a team
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