Frikirken International Church is an international church in Aalborg
where faith in Jesus as the saviour is the core of what we do. 

Our church is about connecting people from different nations,

 cultures and walks of life to worship and serve God together. 

You are welcome no matter your cultural or spiritual background.

Church Life

Our Pastors

Get Involved

You are welcome to join our team

Become a volunteer

We encourage people to use their abilities, gift and
talents in serving God and others in the church and
around them. There are different ministries and
areas you can be involved.

e-mail: info@fintc.dk

Support our work

Frikirken International Church work is sponsored financially
through generous voluntary gifts from members and
friends of the church. The church does not receive any
financial assistance from the state.

John Erik Knudsen
Tlf: 25 73 23 73
e-mail: johnerik@fintc.dk